The Worst Foods To Stay Away From When Fighting Belly Fat


Spare tire, potbelly, love handles, abdominal fat, or muffin top whatever name you call it all refer to belly fat. This is the one area that people complain about most or target when trying to get rid of excess pounds. Not only carrying an extra chunk of flab around the stomach is unattractive, but it’s also unhealthy which can cause numerous of health issues.

Exercising and eating a healthy diet plays a crucial function in decreasing belly fat. If you want to lose that stubborn fat hanging over your waistline, then stay away from these foods.



Soda-Don’t think you are going to slim down your waistline by guzzling soda all day long. Drinking soft drinks is the biggest culprit of the stomach. It is packed with empty calories, which has no nutritional value and high in sugar. A wise choice is to ditch those sodas and opt for fresh water instead.

Refined Grains– Avoid refined foods such as white rice, white pasta, white flour and white bread. It will convert sugar quicker in your body, which results in extra fat around your belly. Eliminating refined grains from your diet and swapping for whole grains can help lower visceral fat. Additionally, It will help combat inflammation and protect against heart disease.

Trans Fat-Also known as hydrogenated oils and classified as the unhealthiest fats in the world. This type of fat only damages your weight loss efforts and destroys your health. Trans fat boosts your belly fat that eventually leads to obesity, which can cause health conditions like the risk of heart disease, strokes, and diabetes. Trans fats may be present in such foods as margarine, cookies, fried food, pastries, and mostly all processed foods. It extremely advised that you keep away from processed foods, which are the principal source of trans fat.

Sodium (Salt)- Reduce your salt intake. Salt doesn’t consist of any calories, but consuming too much salty food make our bodies retain excess water, which causes a bloated abdomen. This will definitely make it difficult to obtain a flat belly. Watch the amount of sodium you take in by steering clear of canned foods, frozen dinners, and processed meats. Try to season up your food with other herb and spices instead of salt.

Alcohol-It is most useful that you completely avoid any alcohol, such as beer while losing stomach fat. This is certainly why belly fat is also known as a “beer gut.” It has no nutrients, therefore, you basically including empty calories toward your diet plan. Alcohol is extremely high in calories and can cause you to develop fat specifically in your abdomen. If you do decide to drink alcohol beverages, please drink in moderation.

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