Cactus SuperFood Health Benefits


When people talk about cactus, we automatically paint the traditional picture of a prickly plant with thorns and spikes in our mind.

Who would think that eating a cactus could be incredibly effective for your overall health? Well, it is touted to be the latest superfood taking the market by storm.

Local grocery stores and farmer markets are now stocking their shelves with cactus juices and jams. Many restaurants around the world are using peeled cactus leaves, stems, and fruit to salads, smoothies, and sandwiches.


Is Cactus Really The Next SuperFood?

A cactus is considered a ‘superfood’ for many reasons. It is filled with fiber, vitamins, electrolytes and minerals on top of its powerful antioxidant properties. Loaded with fiber and pectin, which form a gel like substance that latches and excretes of cholesterol in your blood.

This plant is the brand-new weapon to combat against anyone who suffers from high cholesterol and diabetes. Its rich fiber content also helps delay the digestion of carbohydrates, preventing spikes in blood sugar.

Cactus also provides nutritional benefits. It low in calories, with just 14 calories each cup size. For anyone who trying to lose weight, this makes an excellent addition to any diet.

“When we’re trying to lose weight, we want to fill up on high fiber foods that are low in calories,” says nutritionist Amy Shapiro. Fibre-rich foods help to suppress your appetite. It keeps you feeling fuller for longer to prevent you from snacking in between meals, therefore promoting weight loss.

This not all the cactus leave can help improve skin health because of its high vitamins A and C. When it comes to minerals, it is packed with calcium, magnesium and sodium, which work as electrolytes that are essential for muscle contraction, hydration and cell function. Electrolytes are what going to assists you in easing that hangover.

How To Add Cactus Prickly Plant To Your Weight Loss Diet

The only flaw with eating a cactus is the taste, which said to be compared to a crunchy cucumber with a little bitterness to it. This may be a problem for some people. If so, you can boil, cook or grill to ensure you still getting the proper benefits. The simplest ways are by adding cactus to your daily smoothies or drink it as a juice such as aloe vera or coconut water.


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