Top 5 Muscle Building Foods That Will Sky Rocket Muscle Growth….


Nutrition is essential not only for your overall body health but for losing fat and building muscles too. The right diet is important in terms of maximum muscle growth. If you put all your energy into muscle building without eating the right kind of foods then basically all your hard work is down the drain.

You have to also be eating the proper foods in order to build lean cut muscles. Burning fat and developing muscle mass is extremely based on your workout and of course your food intake. You must have a good amount of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fat to fire your extreme workout to achieve the level of muscle mass that you desired. These are considered the building blocks for muscle growth.

Here are 5 incredible power foods for building lean muscle mass when combined with a bodybuilding workout program.

Eggs are an excellent source of protein and should be included in your everyday breakfast meal. The protein found in eggs is rapidly and simply broken down into muscle building amino acids. It is advised that 3 to 5 eggs must be eaten on daily basics for muscle building.

Fish is high in protein and has important nutrients to support in muscle building. Salmon contains numerous healthy fats that are significant for increasing your muscle mass. It is considered one of the best fish foods due to its extremely rich amount of omega-3 & proteins.

Nuts and seeds especially almonds and cashew are packed full of protein and antioxidants like Vitamin E, for prevention of free radical damage after heavy workouts. They are also a good healthy snack to munch on and help you feel full for a longer period of time.

Red meats are excellent protein source and a proven muscle builder. They are loaded with proteins amino acids, and iron to help you build up muscle mass. However, don’t eat too much because it also contains a lot of saturated fat.

Some other benefits from red meats are B-complex vitamins, creatine, zinc and omega 3. This will help you with your intense workout by boosting your energy to the next level.


Cottage Cheese is a type of protein known as casein, which digests more slowly in the body. As a result of this, it is a perfect choice to eat right before you go to bed. This will guarantee your body receives a gradual flow of necessary nutrients. It also helps your body produce muscle and recover faster.

When trying to build bigger, stronger and more ripped muscles, you should eat these foods. Muscle building foods is just as crucial as the workout exercises that ones need to increase muscles. It is extremely important that you nourish the body with the most optimal foods.

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