5 Extraordinary Super Fruits To Take Charge Of Your Weight & Health For 2019


If your diet is missing some of the most vital vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, turn to few “superfruits” for the help of nourishment. It is a quick and straightforward way to get natural nutrients into your body.

Super fruits are packed with antioxidants that have been proven to help fight diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure and the effects of aging as well as enhancing overall health.

Here are 5 popular super fruits to add to your daily supplement regimen in 2019:

Garcinia Cambogia

garcinia-cambogia-superfruitGarcinia cambogia is a rare tropical superfruit that grows in Indonesia, India and some countries in Africa.

The extract derived from the fruit rind contains Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which used as a new revolutionary way to fight hunger, promote weight loss by curbing the appetite and increasing energy levels.

HCA, which is Hydroxycitric Acid works by preventing an enzyme that helps create body fat and suppressing your appetite by increasing serotonin.

The extract from this super fruit has rapidly become a chosen weight loss supplement among many weight watchers across the world.

garcinia-cambogia-extra-Garcinia Cambogia Extra Attacks Weight Loss By 3 Different Ways

  • Significantly reduces appetite
  • Inhibits fat production and heighten fat burning
  • Boost levels of serotonin and decreases emotional eating

Garcinia Cambogia Extra formula contains 1000mg Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract with 60% HCA. For extra effect, it provides the ADDED power of raspberry ketones 200 mg.

The only weight loss supplement on the market that has two super fruits combine into a high potency capsule.

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Green Coffee Bean

green-coffee-bean-superfruitGreen Coffee Extract originated from the unroasted beans of Coffea fruits. In the typical roasting process of coffee beans, a compound called chlorogenic acid is reduced. This complex plays a crucial part in various health benefits, including weight reduction.

The chlorogenic acid is the active ingredient of Green Coffee. It is a powerful natural antioxidant with amazing fat burning properties.Clinical studies showed that chlorogenic acid present in green coffee could help you lose weight safely without diet or exercise.

Dr. Oz spoke of the incredible weight loss benefits of Green Coffee Bean extract and participants on his show were able to lose weight even without any effort.

Besides the effects of weight loss, green coffee supplements also fight free radicals, slows the aging process, improves mental alertness, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.

Pure green coffee extract has become one of the best-selling weight loss products on the market.

gcb maxGCB Max is the highest potency, purest green coffee bean supplement available.

It is specifically designed to help you burn fat and lose weight without any adverse side effects.

Each GCB Max vegetarian capsule has 800mg of pure green coffee bean extract with 50% chlorogenic acid.

With it’s pure, potent formula, GCB Max is in the lead of other brands and is recommended by many health experts to be the most effective Green Coffee Bean extract method for losing weight fast, burning fat and overall health

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Raspberry Ketone

raspberry-ketoneThe red raspberry is known to be a superfruit, packed with antioxidants.

Raspberry ketone is an organic element that is present naturally in a super fruit called red raspberry, which increases a particular hormone in your body called Adiponectin that regulates your body’s metabolism.

The important ketone enzyme clinically has proven to curb appetite and help in the breakdown of fat molecules by advancing the production of the protein hormone Adiponectin.

Besides helping weight watchers lose weight quick in a healthy way, adiponectin has been discovered to promote cardiovascular health and prevent type 2 diabetes.

According to Dr.Oz  Raspberry Ketones is “The #1 miracle in a bottle to burn your fat.”

To enjoy the benefits, you will have to eat thousands of Raspberries, which is not possible. Taking a raspberry ketone supplement is the best option to accomplish your desired weight.

Pure-Raspberry-Ketone-600mgRaspberry Ketone Pure 600mg is the highest strength PURE Raspberry Ketone available. It’s 100% natural and made in the UK to the highest standards.

It acts as a potent appetite suppressant as well as a powerful metabolism booster.

Each dose contains 600mg of pure raspberry ketone extract is safe, effective, stimulants free and has no negative side-effects.

This dual action fat burner is guaranteed to heighten your body’s metabolism while curbing your appetite at the same time so you can experience maximum weight loss results.

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Yacon Syrup

yacon-syrupYacon is a tuberous root that has been grown in the Andes of Peru for thousands of years and is a relative of the sunflower family.

Yacon Syrup was featured on the Dr. Oz Show in 2013 for its incredible benefits to losing weight by boosting metabolism, controlling blood sugar and normalizing bowel movements.

Not only Yacon is good for helping burn unwanted body fat but is high in nutrition that gives you amazing health benefits along with weight loss.

Yacon main sugar is FOS, which can’t be absorbed, so it provides a low glycemic index with few calories, which makes it the ultimate natural organic sweetener.

Raw Yacon syrup can help in losing weight, slimming your waist, supercharging metabolism and aid with detox cleansing of the digestive system when taken daily as directed.

Want to know the best yacon syrup for losing weight that works?

Yacon Root Pure from Evolution Slimming contains 500 mg of Yacon Root extractOne of the best natural sweeteners with low calories and sugar levels making it a better choice for dieters, people with diabetes, and individuals who want to stay away from sugar.

As Seen on TV– Yacon Root Pure is rich in antioxidants clinically proven to promote natural weight loss, metabolism, reducing hunger cravings,  balancing digestion and prevention constipation.

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Acai Berry

acai-berries-super-fruitThis incredible superfruit, a small purple berry that comes from Amazon forests of Brazil.  It is one of the world’s most excellent and powerful nutritious fruits.

For years the Acai Berry was known to native tribes of the Brazilian Amazon for its medicinal, health and weight loss benefits.

Apart from assisting in weight loss, acai berry diet has a high strength of essential antioxidants to fight toxins in the body.

Acai berries are rich in omega fats, protein, amino acids, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, and E. These elements are designed to aid in detoxification and balancing PH levels, both crucial in preventing disease and improved optimal health.

The Acai berry has received massive media attention on shows such as Rachel Ray and Oprah, and Dr. Oz.

pure-acai-berry-700mgThe Pure Acai Berry by Evolution Slimming has become one of the best and most popular Acai products on the market today.

With only pure, freeze-dried Acai Berry 700mg in each capsule and recommended dose two tablets a day, you receiving 1400mg per day. This what makes it the strongest Acai Berry supplement available.

Pure Acai Berry by Evolution Slimming highly recommended because of it:

  • Boost metabolism
  • Fight free radicals
  • Improves overall health
  • Slow down aging process
  • Increases energy levels and cleanses the body

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