Best Alcoholic Drinks for Losing Weight


Whenever people go on a diet to shed excess pounds the most important thing they focus on is limiting the foods that make them gain weight. These are primarily the particular foods that are full of sweets as well as unhealthy fats. People will not usually believe that liquor includes many unhealthy calories.

best-alcoholic-drinks-for-losing-weightYou can still lose weight while drinking.

The secret is to make a wise decision, which is consuming just one or two best alcoholic drinks of least 150 calories or less.

It is important to be aware that the more alcohol in a glass, the more calories it will have. And it will definitely slow down the process of you achieving your weight loss goals.

Check out best alcoholic drinks for losing weight….


Wine– A 5-ounce glass of red or white wine contains 100 calories or less depending on the amount of sweetness. An excellent alternative to lower the calories even more is to create a wine spritzer by adding club soda, ice and your favorite wine.


Light Beer– There is a wide variety of light beers available that has 90 calories or less. This can be a great extremely low calorie alcoholic drink option when dieting.

Keep in mind to limit yourself to two beers because it is quite simple to keep drinking light beer without knowing the amount you had.


Straight Alcohol– Shots and straight liquors on the rocks are your best option in consuming fewer calories. A shot of hard liquor consist of around 100 calories. This refers to just about any normal 80 proof alcohol such as vodka, gin, rum, whiskey and vodka.

The good part, no mixers are added, which is the main cause of additional calories. If you want to enhance taste, look at low calorie mixer that includes a fresh lemon or lime or a flavored seltzer. You will still enjoy the same great taste but without the excess calories.

best alcohol vermouth

Vermouth– A fortified wine flavored with herbs and spices with high percentage of alcohol. People normally add a type of hard liquor to mix with this. In order to restrict calories, the best way is drinking it by itself. A 1.5-ounce serving consist of 64 calories with about 18 percent of alcohol content. Vermouth is also loaded with polyphenol compounds that have been proven to encourage healthy weight loss

Losing weight can certainly be much faster if you can eliminate alcoholic beverages from your diet plan. However, if you stick to a proper diet and workout frequently then drinking the best alcoholic drinks periodic shouldn’t stop anyone from obtaining the body they always wanted.

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