Tips On How To Eat Pasta and Still Lose Weight


Are you a pasta lover and trying to lose weight at the same time? Many women don’t like the fact that they have to ditch pasta in order to shed some pounds. Well, the good news is you can still eat pasta while dieting.

pasta-lose-weightPasta is well know for it bad reputation due to its fattening cream sauces, high carbohydrates, and very little nutritional value.

The key to eating pasta is knowing what type and sauce that is being served with it. The truth is what people don’t realize that it is actually the pasta sauce that mainly makes you fat.

The best thing to do is always prepared your pasta dish at home. This way you can measure your portion size, which is very important to prevent overeating.

Follow these tips below so you can enjoy pasta while still achieving your weight loss goals.

Pick whole wheat– Not only it contain less calories, whole wheat pasta is rich in protein and fiber than traditional pasta. It will help with digestion and keep you fuller longer.

Cook the pasta al dente– Don’t overcooked the noodles because it becomes soft and mushy along with a higher GI. The more firm the pasta is the time to digest in your system takes longer. Pasta with low-GI help with weight loss and maintain type 2 diabetes.

Avoid creamy sauces– They will only add twice as much of calories of your pasta dish. Instead choose sauté crush tomatoes, garlic, onions and olive oil. Tomato sauces prepared with herbs will contain fewer calories, therefore it is healthier for you.

Add lots of vegetables– Don’t just have a big bowl of pasta alone. You need at least 2 cups of vegetables to each serving. Veggies are loaded with essential great nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. They definitely have lesser calories than pasta.

Add lean protein– Forget sausage or beef! Chicken, fish, turkey are high in protein along with additional nutrients. This is a more healthy choice for your pasta meal. Furthermore, you will be more energized and fill up after this meal.

Portion control– Try to control the size of serving because portion control is the element to enjoying pasta if you trying to lose weight. This plays a major part in weight loss.

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